Dear Goodsell Point Marina Members,
We want to take this moment to officially welcome you to the New Goodsell Point Marina.
As we move forward through the COVID-19 Pandemic, we need everyone’s absolute cooperation with regards to enjoying the 2020 boating season. We are extremely fortunate that Connecticut Marinas are remaining open and hope things continue to progress in this direction.
Kindly remember and abide by the following guidelines:
Per the State of Connecticut: Social distancing (6 ft apart) while on Marina Property until the current regulations and guidelines are lifted. If you cannot maintain 6 feet, a face covering is recommended. There are hand sanitizers in the bathrooms and ships store.
Marina policies:
  • Please keep things neat and clean for fellow boaters such as making sure the bathroom is clean for the next person.
  • No installations or drilling on docks without expressed permission.
  • No refueling of boats on the docks under no circumstance as the composite decking creates static electricity and “will” cause a fire or explosion hazard.
  • No swimming in or around the docks as there is a chance of stray current (electricity) exists.
  • All dogs should be leashed and walked in the designated area behind the bathrooms and showers. Please clean up after your pet and dispose of it in a dumpster.
  • No speeding in the yard. Why rush? It’s boating season!
  • Please park your vehicle responsibly and leave room for others.
  • Please respect your neighbors’ slip and boat. If you need help please ask.
  • Riverview Park is for members, and their guests while with members. Please try and keep the grills and tables clean.
  • Respect the “no wake” zones
Please do not risk expulsion without refund from our Marina by failing to comply and abide by these simple rules. They have been set in place so we all share a safe, healthy, and fun common ground.
Thank you,
The Goodsell Point Marina Crew